Van Buren Gentlemen's Salon

We provide Chicago’s best grooming services for men



Haircut / $52
Includes a hot facial towel, shampoo, massaging conditioner, cut, style, and second rinse if requested

Boys 12 and under starting at $28

Head Shave / $45
Barber only

Classic Shave / $45
Barber only

Gray Coverage / $38
Stylist only

Neck Trim / $15

Shoe Shine / $6+

The Class Act / $65
Includes Haircut, Hand Detail, and Shoe Shine



Hand Detail / $15

Manicure / $35

Pedicure / $42



Annual / $675
Unlimited Haircuts, Hand Details, and Shoe Shines

6-Month / $395
Unlimited Haircuts, Hand Details, and Shoe Shines

Barber / $1300
Unlimited Classic Shaves, Haircuts, Hand Details, and Shoe Shines




What is the difference between a barber and a stylist?
Either can create a particular hairstyle, but each uses different training, tools, and techniques. A barber can also perform straight-edge, hot lather shaves.

What is the difference between a Hand Detail and Spa Manicure?
Both services include clipping, filing, and buffing the nails, as well as a relaxing hand massage. However, the spa manicure also includes soaking the nails, cuticle clipping, hand and nail exfoliation, moisturizer and a hot towel.

What hair color is used and how long does it last?
The hair color we use is Kuene which is a semi permanent color and should last approximately six weeks.

Do you offer highlighting?
No and if you are still highlighting your hair, you should stop. Seriously.

What hair products do you sell?
We use and sell Kevin Murphy.